Electrically heated glass


Electrically heated glass

Unique, perfectly transparent Nano-System heated glass represents a future trend in the heating of modern buildings.

Electrically heated glass is an innovative product that is a great heating alternative not only for autumn and winter seasons. The heated glass has a special coating which works as a heating element. This coating conducts light like float glass, at the same time being energy efficient. This way heat loses are reduced to 30% and the interiors become more comfortable and cozy. The heated glass removes some discomfort and other problems caused with low heat-insulating properties of float glass, and can be used in various kinds of standard glazing systems made of wood, plastic, aluminum or steel.

The idea of the heated glass is based on the use of energy-efficient coating made of metal oxides acting as a heating element. This option may be used in manufacturing laminated glass and additionally may be used as a security glass panel. All production processes of manufacturing heated glass panels are practically the same as in laminated glass processes. The main differences are power busbars and temperature sensors that control a heating temperature of glass and stop it from overheating. To minimise any damages the conductive coating is always positioned inside a laminated glass panel.

When power is connected to two electrodes which are located at the opposite ends of a pane the glass coating converts electrical energy into heat. Glass is heated to a temperature of 20-40 ° C (even if outside temperatures are lower than -30 ° C), producing pleasant heat on its surface. For our heated glass we use tempered glass that is much stronger than float glass. In the case of some breakdowns or damages, the glass coating loses its integrity which activates an automatic fuse which shuts off power from the heated glass.



  • single or additional heating source,
  • full transparency,
  • insulation against heat losses,
  • many opportunities to combine with other SmartFilmPlus products including the switchable privacy glass


  • due to the tempering process and laminating,
  • ecological materials,
  • installation does not require any maintenance,

Sound insulation:

  • reduction of noise in a room,

Innovative factors:

  • additional sensor of an alarm system,
  • high power,
  • even heat distribution over all surface of a glass panel.


  • roof windows
  • facades
  • conservatories
  • glazing commercial buildings
  • performance and sports halls, swimming pools
  • hotels and restaurants
  • hospitals
  • museums
  • banks

Technical Specification

Max Size: 3300 x 2400 mm
Thickness:3mm up to 300mm (multilayer laminated glass)
Color:Wide range of different color – Sandplasting, Screenprinting
Shapes:Any shapes – incl. holes and cut-outs
Glass-Type: Float, tempered, coated, IGU, switchable
Power:12VDC – 380VAC

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