Switchable insulating glass


Switchable insulating glass

Insulating glass in wellness, sauna or swimmingpool areas are the best solution to prevent your privacy on a click!

We combine standard, high quality IGU glass with our outstanding switchable (smart) glass. The value of quality (Ug, double, dripple, LowE …) can be choosen by the customer as well.

With that special combination you can switch with a click from high transparent glass down to a 100% opaque Glass – and thats without loosing any advantages of a high quality IGU glass.


  • Easy installation (same like standard IGU)
  • max Size of 1500 x 4200mm
  • Several differant glass color (AGC planibel …)
  • Window, Roofside window, Walkable Glass, Door, Facades
  • Double or Dripple Combination IGU
  • 65VAC
  • Delivered in ready to use (Wires, Trafos etc. )
  • Special sealing for wetroom uscases


  • Wellness
  • Sauna
  • Swimmingpool
  • Facade
  • Roofside Window
  • Wintergarden

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Art Installation – Austrian Cultural Forum in New York

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Bathroom – switchable privacy room!

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  • 50 m2

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